Clustr - The reality check for your crypto portfolio | Product Hunt
Clustr - The reality check for your crypto portfolio | Product Hunt
Clustr - The reality check for your crypto portfolio | Product Hunt

The reality check
for your crypto portfolio

Easily adjust your crypto investments for long-term growth - without spending hours on research

What makes so special?

We flag scams and help you assess the risks involved with investing in a specific project

Icon Fear o Missing Out Clustr

Fear of Missing Out

Novice investors don’t have time to spend hours on research and are put off from investing

Logo Wild west Clustr

Wild West

Most exchanges focus on selling crypto in any format – no one helps you understand the risks involved

Logo Secret sauce Clustr

Secret Sauce

Using big data we assess the risks behind each crypto project and help you avoid making simple mistakes

Portfolio Grading

See which coins drag your investment
down using our project analysis system

Icon Metrics Clustr

Tested against 80+ metrics

Icon Review projects clustr

Over 750 projects reviewed

Actionable Insights

Review your portfolio insights and see
how you could improve your score

Logo best practices clustr

Apply industry best practices

Logo Real time clustr

Real-time crypto health alerts

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Thematic Investing

Discover new coins that match
your crypto interests

Logo explore clustr

Explore over 30 market sectors

Logo hidden gems clustr

Find hidden gems

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Risk Profile

Finally assess the risks involved with
investing in a specific project

Logo risk appetite clustr

Personalise your risk appetite

Logo invest style clustr

Customise your investment style

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Pricing plan

Get started for free, or buy a lifetime pass.

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Your go-to resource for quick answers to commonly asked queries

Can I buy crypto through your website?

You can create a portfolio from scratch through our project explorer, however we currently don’t offer the option to actually buy crypto through our platform. There are over 500 crypto exchanges on the market today. For now, we aim to have people use our product in parallel with their favourite platforms.

What is Clustr?

Clustr is an application that analyses blockchain data and helps separate real project utility from fake using quantitative models. Our ranking algorithm helps avoid rookie mistakes and provides novice crypto investors with fundamental metrics. Think of us as the ‘Clearscore’ for your crypto investments.

How can I use Clustr?

We help investors avoid making simple mistakes by finding the best match for their crypto preferences, investment styles and risk tolerance. Simplify the number crunching research conducted by crypto geeks and get in early on promising projects. Whilst most service providers focus on selling crypto in any format, not a single company helps you assess the risks involved with investing in a specific project.

What type of data do you use?

We are able to analyse multiple sources of data, some can be seen below:

1. Web3 Data - Helps evaluate project viability
2. Blockchain Explorers - Used to verify project traction
3. Analytics Platforms - Provide quantitative metrics for our algorithms
4. Project Resources - Help assess project utility
5. Community Channels - Help understand community backing
6. Market Data - Provide accurate real-time data for all projects

How do you analyse projects?

Our high-level risk model is underpinned by two key methods of data analysis. Fundamental analysis determines the intrinsic long-term value of an asset. We look at things like network activity, utility, business model, team, roadmap, community etc. The goal is to understand whether the asset is overvalued or undervalued. Technical analysis looks at patterns in market data to identify trends in the asset’s performance. We use a large array of trading signals and models such as the NVT & MVRV ratios. The key is to provide adequate market entry points to avoid overpaying for an asset.

How do you grade my portfolio?

Using cluster analysis we assess 80+ metrics to flag questionable projects and highlight promising ones. We make use of market insight platforms as they help us analyse on-chain data. This includes the information of all occurred transactions on a certain blockchain network. We utilise set analytics to deliver metrics and detailed project analysis that are calculated from the primary sourced data. The portfolio grade acts a weighted aggregate of your crypto allocation.

Do you show risk based on performance?

We make use of Beta risk when measuring risk based on performance. Beta is a key metric used to identify an individual asset or portfolio’s level of volatility against the market standard. Beta investment is used as an indicator of systematic risk, volatility, and market risk. Systematic risk is unpredictable and cannot be completely avoided through diversification. Hedging is a way to minimise this type of risk, which is offsetting one investment against another. You can diminish the systematic risk by allocating your crypto according to your goals, level of risk tolerance, and your time horizon.

Is this financial advice?

Our application focuses on providing guidance over financial advice. Guidance is an impartial service which will help you identify your options and narrow down your choices but will not tell you what to do or which product to buy; the decision is yours. Advice on the other hand, will recommend a specific product or course of action for you to take given your circumstances and financial goals. This will be personal to you, based on information you provide.

As providers of guidance, we are responsible for the accuracy and quality of the information we provide but not for any decision made based on it.

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